New Faculty/Staff Gateway Launched

17 April 2017

In mid-March, Web Services, in conjunction with the Dean of the College office, launched a new Faculty/Staff Gateway page designed to provide quick and personalized access to the sites and tools used most frequently by this audience.

The old Faculty/Staff landing page remained essentially unchanged since 2001, but over those 16 years the number of links displayed had grown to a daunting and unmanageable length.

After launching a complete overhaul of the Student Gateway in Fall 2016, we wanted to replicate the success of that project as much as possible for our faculty & staff.

The team began the effort by consulting our usage statistics to determine how people were using the existing gateway and what they were searching for. We used that data to winnow the links down to a core set. Next we built a prototype of the page and tested it with users across the campus to work out the final kinks. The result is a big change in design, functionality, and ease-of-use.

Along with categorized sets of links to frequently-visited tools and sites, you’ll see:

  • A find-as-you-type Search Bar to improve searching capabilities
  • A personalized Dashboard showing your OneCard balance, your department(s), and a link to Moodle
  • Customizable Event Highlights that allow you to choose the types of events you’d like to see.

We hope that you’ll find this page useful as your work computer’s home page. To do so, follow these instructions: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer.

If you have feedback or suggestions for how the site could be improved, please use the Faculty/Staff Gateway Feedback Form to let us know!

Faculty/Staff Gateway

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