Meet Your New ATs: Celeste and Andrew

2 February 2017

Introducing Celeste Sharpe!

Celeste Sharpe

I’m originally from California where I did my undergraduate work with the intention of becoming a high school social studies teacher. An opportunity to pursue graduate work took me first to Calgary, Canada — where I completed a MA in history — and then to George Mason University, where I recently completed a PhD in history. My scholarly interests lie in visual culture and the construction of social identities. My born-digital dissertation is titled “They Need You! Disability, Visual Culture, and the Poster Child, 1945-1980,” and looks at how charitable organizations, disabled children and their families, and the public understood and shaped ideas about disability, identity, philanthropy, family, and the nation after WWII.

Here at Carleton, I’m the Academic Technologist for Instructional Technology. A few areas I find particularly fruitful include student engagement, blended and online education, scholarship for teaching and learning, and universal design for learning. One project I’m currently working on that blends some of these interests is a collaboration with Janell Rothenberg on a new SOAN course that will use critical anthropological frameworks to examine the user experience of new technologies. We’re talking about which readings can give students different ways to think about how technologies include/exclude users, and how students in the course will be able to apply what they’ve learned.

Introducing Andrew Wilson!

Andrew Wilson

I joined the Academic Technology team this past summer, coming from Wales, UK where I was teaching web and server-side development to Computer Science Undergraduates, after completing my Ph.D. in Computational Methods of Archaeology at the University of Liverpool in 2012. My background is in visibility analysis, Geographic Information Systems, 3D rendering, data visualization, and programming.

At Carleton, my position, Academic Technologist for Digital Scholarship, will involve collaborating with faculty and staff on developing advanced digital techniques into their research. During my first months at Carleton, I’ve focused on developing support for research that uses augmented and virtual environments. I look forward to continuing to enhance the growth of digital scholarship at Carleton.

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