Major changes to classrooms and labs

10 May 2023
By Wiebke Kuhn and Adit Burkule

Instructor Stations

Starting last year, Apple removed the option to dual-boot, i.e. to choose whether to boot to Windows or macOS. We have been planning for this change for 4 years, and this year marks Phase 1 of the transition to a single-boot and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) world.

Phase 1 (summer 2023) includes:

  • Replacement of current (4-year-old) computers with new, single-boot, macOS computers in large classrooms and classrooms with existing camera equipment.
  • Addition of new, single-boot, macOS computers in a few spaces that are frequently used for campus events, such as WCC 236 and Sayles 251.
  • Keeping the older dual-boot computers currently in classrooms for an extra year beyond their four-year replacement cycle. Next academic year will be an opportunity for faculty to explore BYOD with the fallback of an (aging) classroom computer. 

If you have software requests for specific instructor stations in classrooms, please be sure to submit them by July 15th. Requests received after this date may not make it into the build for Fall Term.

Phase 2 (summer 2024) will remove the remaining older computers, moving our campus towards a larger implementation of BYOD. This phase will include:

  • Removal (without replacement) of older computers and ensuring robust BYOD connectivity. 
  • Improvement of wireless presentation capabilities in many BYOD spaces. 
  • Improvement of the instructional documentation to make it easier to learn what a room holds and how a room functions.
  • Increased and improved resources for video conferencing, including camera and audio upgrades in some number of classrooms, pending finances and supply chain availability. 

Learning to use the technology in classrooms

Detailed information about the technology available in each individual classroom can be found on the Classroom Technology page.

We continue to offer tech tours for anyone who wants to learn about the spaces they are using, and we would love for more folks to take us up on this offer. These kinds of tech tours often lead to unique uses of the technology in the space. 

For questions or to request a tour, please contact Wiebke Kuhn or Michael Decker.

Public Lab Computers and Classroom Lab Student Stations

All refreshing classroom, department, and public lab computers will receive their annual update over the summer. This year they will be upgraded to macOS 13 and Windows 11. 

If you have software requests for classroom lab computers, please be sure to submit them by July 15th. Requests received after this date may not make it into the build for Fall Term.

Since Apple’s hardware no longer supports the option to dual-boot to both operating systems, the following locations, scheduled for replacement this year, will change to offer macOS only:

  • CMC 102 classroom lab, including a reduced machine count from 18 to 12
  • Hulings 102 classroom lab
  • Sayles 218 (Upper Sayles) public lab
  • WCC 138 classroom lab

Find more information about the Public Labs on Carlpedia.

For questions, please contact Adit Burkule or Kevin Chapman.