Learning & Teaching in Fall 2020

10 September 2020

Welcome and welcome back to Carleton! This term will see a significant increase in the use of all of our information technology systems. Whether you and your students are on campus and benefiting from increased wifi capability outside and in student residential areas; connecting to students over Moodle, Zoom, or the Google suite; using discipline-specific research and learning tools and resources; doing your daily medical check-in; or simply ordering lunch from the Carleton dining halls, you are interacting with various aspects of Carleton IT services. We have been working hard all summer to increase capacity and streamline the experience.

Learning Spaces this Term 

  • Classrooms and labs
    Like all other spaces, classrooms and lab spaces now have a significantly smaller number of seats in them, and these numbers and seating arrangements cannot be changed.  If you are teaching in a physical classroom this fall, please take a moment to review capacity, technology, instructions, and other information about the classroom you are teaching in 
  • Reduced Computers In Labs
    Because of social-distancing constraints, ITS has reduced the number of computers in all computer labs that are available. However, the distribution of laptops to students who need them, the software available for students to install on their own computers, and the RemoteLab should ensure students have access to the specialized software they need for classes.
  • Staying Connected
    ITS would also like to encourage you to stay connected outside of work, and remind students to do the same. Consider connecting outside for walks, but also use Zoom or Google Meets for informal gatherings. We added another tool this year, Gather, which allows for choosing more easily with whom you want to connect in an online space. Academic Technologists will be able to help you try this out and use it – and please let your students know of these opportunities as well.

Access & Data Privacy from Off-Campus 

  • Install the VPN
    Faculty, staff, and students should install the GlobalProtect VPN to use when connecting to Carleton resources. It effectively “wraps” your off-campus traffic in a Carleton blanket to protect both the data & your computer and to provide access to on-campus-only services. 
  • VPN Access in China
    If you have students (or advisees) in China experiencing difficulties using the VPN to access Google resources, please direct them to the ITS Helpdesk. ITS has added a VPN option that is indistinguishable from other web traffic, which maximizes privacy from outside monitoring.  

Support for You and Your Students

  • ITS Helpdesk
    The ITS Helpdesk is available for support by phone, chat, or email. In-person help is by appointment only to ensure a safe environment. 
  • Academic Technology
    The Academic Technology team has Drop-in Sessions on Zoom that will continue at least through September 18th. You can also submit a ticket (email at@carleton.edu). In addition, there is a lot of information available in the AT Catalog of Services.
  • PEPS
    For questions about Zoom and Panopto, contact PEPS through the PEPS online hours on Zoom.

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