From the CTO

1 September 2023
By Janet Scannell

As we gather – with new and returning members of our community – we are all reminded about the collective effort that it takes to provide a Carleton education. 

This summer, ITS was playing its role in making sure that the technology environment is refreshed and robust in order to stay up with the rapid cycle of technology change and compatibility. This newsletter, which is published ~5 times per year, is an opportunity to be transparent about what’s changed, what will be changing, and how those changes will affect the campus community. This issue will share some classroom computer changes that are becoming more broadly visible after pilot projects in Laird and Hasenstab, as well as updates on available software, and a few thoughts on how to explore generative AI.  

Another activity for ITS this summer was reflecting on accomplishments of the past year and wrapping up the first draft of an IT strategic plan that will guide infrastructure upgrades and other innovations over the next three years. Our 2023 Annual Report provides a summary of activities by ITS sub-group, key statistics, and stories about what we learned from campus partners and external sources about needs that should be addressed in our IT strategic plan. We find it valuable to reflect on the past year and to offer a view into the workings of technology at Carleton in a deeper way.  

It’s always exciting to turn the page to the next academic year and its fresh opportunities. I wish you well as we begin 2023-2024.

Welcome back!