End-of-term Support and Winter Break Resources

17 November 2022
By Wiebke Kuhn and Adit Burkule

Exam considerations:

If you’re planning to use Moodle quizzes for final exams, please consider these two points:

  1. In the introduction to your quiz, please remind students of the importance to SUBMIT the quiz at the very end.  Without their submissions, the automatic grading process cannot start.
  1. Immediately after you know students are done with their final exam, please take a moment to go into Moodle to verify that all students submitted their quiz.  If you see one missing, please call Wiebke Kuhn at 334-750-3360If you wait longer than 2 hours to let us know, we will be unable to retrieve and submit the unfinished quiz.

Winter Break and Preparing for Winter Term

During the Winter Break (Nov 22 – Jan 03), the ITS Helpdesk will be open M – F, 8am – 5pm, with the exception of campus holidays.

ITS will provide emergency support during the new winter break days (Dec 27 – 29). The voice message box at x5999 will be reviewed mid-day each day, and work-stopping requests will be escalated to the appropriate ITS staff member.  

Academic Technologists will be available during most of December, participating in the LTC Winter conference and planning Skillshops for January 2nd and 3rd. These will focus on specific Moodle features and media management (Panopto videos and permissions).  

AT Drop-in hours will resume on Jan 2nd, 2023.

The Helpdesk will resume its during-the-term schedule on Jan 4th.

Classroom Technology Tours and Support

If any classroom spaces are new to you, or if you just want a refresher on using the computers or other classroom technologies, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Wiebke Kuhn or Michael Decker to schedule a classroom tour, either in December, or January 2nd or 3rd. 

For self-service, the Classroom Technology Support page has a detailed list of the technologies available in each classroom, with instructions on how to use the equipment.

If you are teaching in Laird or Hasenstab, please remember to bring your own computer to project content.  


Learning opportunities for managing your Digital Files

Google has announced an end to free unlimited storage for educational institutions. Carleton remains committed to ensuring faculty, staff, and students have sufficient storage for research, teaching, service, administration, and other work-related activities. At the same time, Google’s announcement provides an important opportunity for each of us to think about how we organize, manage, and maybe delete some obsolete digital content to make our file management more doable and our working lives more efficient.

We are setting aside some working time for you to work through your Gmail and Google files to identify where you can reorganize, share differently, or even delete files and emails that are no longer needed. Ninety-minute workshops will be available in mid-December:

  • December 8, 10-11:30am, CMC110
  • December 9, 1-2:30pm, CMC110
  • December 12, 2:30-4pm, Zoom
  • December 13, 8:30-10am, CMC110

Participants will learn simple tips for both Gmail and Google Drive and will begin to develop and implement strategies to help you experience the joy of a smaller and more manageable digital footprint. Bring your laptop.  

Please register for these workshops.

With this, I wish you a good end of the term and a happy new year.


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