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2 September 2022
By ITS Staff

Enhancements to Network Management 

Carleton’s network infrastructure is a massive collection of wires and switches that connects devices to each other and sends information around the world. Its importance expanded with the adoption of videoconferencing leading ITS to take steps to enhance our ability to monitor and manage the environment. 

ITS recently completed an update to logging and alerting functionality to better detect malfunction or failure of devices across the network. We also implemented two new tools (Oxidized and LibreNMS) to enhance the backup process of the configuration settings for switches, routers, and the firewall. This is important because backups allow us to respond quickly if and when devices malfunction, which can cause massive disruption to members of our community if not addressed in a timely manner. 

These are a few of the steps that have been taken in the ongoing effort towards continual improvement of our network capacity and reliability. 

Hasenstab Hall 

This summer, as part of the completion of Hasenstab Hall, ITS installed its network and audio-visual infrastructure. Below are a few photos of the A/V that has been installed in two new classrooms, and the flexible open space in the lower level. Hasenstab also has a display in the entrance area, which can be used to project coverage of current events. 

The Hasenstab (and Laird) classrooms are now using a “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” model meaning that the presenter will need to bring a laptop to connect to the classroom technology.  Find instructions for these and all other classroom technology at Classroom Support. If you need orientation to these new classrooms, please reach out to Wiebke Kuhn to set up an appointment between September 1st through 9th.

picture of Hasenstab 002
Hasenstab 002 — Click image for larger view
picture of Hasenstab 109 classroom
Hasenstab 109— Click image for larger view
picture of Hasenstab 105 classroom
Hasenstab 105— Click image for larger view

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