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    Summer 2020

    This end of year edition of the ITS Update is usually a time when we offer suggestions for summer. We intend to provide that information, but first I need to address the moment before us. 

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    Nov 2019

    I love the phrase “it takes a village” and the sense of collaboration that it evokes. We are better off when we share responsibility, whether in support of raising children, addressing societal issues or managing ever-changing technology. I want to share a few things I’ve learned recently and the importance of supporting each other in managing and leveraging these innovations.

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    Welcome Back 2019

    When I arrived at Carleton 6 years ago, the science departments were indifferent buildings than they are now – and my now-17-year-old son was a foot shorter!  He won’t be another foot taller in 2025, but Carleton’s technologies will continue to evolve. At every step along the way, ITS will work to be transparent about what’s possible and what’s changed.

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    Summer 2019

    I really enjoy the bustle of this time of year – whether it’s the geese families on Lyman Lakes, faculty teaching outside, or the sound of students at Spring Concert.  As you scatter for the summer, here are some tips and a few changes to expect when you return.

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    Spring 2019

    After the dormancy of winter comes the vibrancy of spring. The same can be said for all sorts of efforts that have a less visible, but very necessary, phase that precedes the blooming. In this issue we will talk about a bounty of efforts in ITS that are springing forth.

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    Winter 2019

    Am I the only one thinking about summer?  For many of us, the weather has us wishing for warmth and the ability to just walk out the door in the morning. Winter takes so much preparation. Well, so does summer – at least for ITS.

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    Nov 2018

    We recently had the annual experience of “falling back” due to Daylight Savings Time. Although I have ambivalent feelings about this particular method of saving time, I am always delighted with the idea of getting an “extra hour.” The freedom!  What would you do with an extra hour?

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    Welcome Back 2018

    The past academic year brought fascinating changes to Carleton’s physical campus. This summer also brought the incremental changes that happen every year as part of the care and feeding of Carleton’s technology environment. We are pleased to use this newsletter to share updates about those changes and the benefits they will bring. Welcome Back!

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    Summer 2018

    Technology is constantly in flux, and ironically, that volatility makes the creation of strategic priorities even more important. The question for every institution is when to shift direction in response to emerging technologies, and the impact of doing so. Those pivotal moments are aided by having a clear understanding of current priorities.

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    Spring 2018

    According to a recent study by the Institute for the Future, 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven’t even been invented yet. It is clear to me that the liberal arts focus on teaching students how to learn is more important than ever, and that technology skills and overall information literacy are essential parts of that. In this issue of the ITS Update, we will focus on the ways that ITS is helping Carleton’s students to be successful.