A quick look back (to the future!)

30 May 2017

During the 2016-17 academic year, ITS rolled out a number of new services and improvements, providing opportunities to operate more effectively and efficient while harnessing tools that allow Carleton provided services to remain accessible in secure ways. I will highlight a few of the services you may be interested in reading more about as you venture toward your summer schedule. Moreover, the listed services are a few results from an action packed year in ITS.

You are invited to follow the linked articles for the services listed below to learn about how you can use the services, improve upon your use of the services, or confirm that you are using the services in the best ways possible. If you have questions or concerns about anything you read, consider contacting the ITS Helpdesk.

New Student and Faculty/Staff Gateways:

Resources for RECS (GMail, Drive, and Dropbox):

Increased flexibility for faculty and staff usernames

Academic Services

Information Security Awareness:

Opt in to Duo – Two-factor authentication:

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