UPDATE: Major network outage – Facilities & ITS working on repairs

18 February 2021

A steam leak in Musser has been confirmed as the cause of the network outage. Water damaged critical network equipment in the Musser data closet which provides network connectivity to a number of other buildings. Facilities must address the leak before ITS can install new equipment; it will take several hours to restore network service.  While Facilities works on the steam pipe repairs, ITS is preparing new equipment for the space.

We will provide additional updates at approximately 7:30pm, when we anticipate ITS will have access to the closet after Facilities addresses the leak.

Affected buildings include:

  • Library
  • LDC
  • Scoville
  • Willis
  • Davis
  • Burton
  • Sevy
  • Musser
  • All Townhouses
  • Hunt Cottage
  • Dacie Moses
  • Berg House
  • Clader House
  • Dow House
  • Henrickson House