UPDATE: critical issue with Colleague and The Hub

2 April 2021

Colleague experienced a critical issue with its main database around 6:30PM last night, effectively overwriting all changes that had happened during the 21 hours since the previous backup (class drop/adds, financial transactions, HR updates, etc). We are currently working to restore the data to the state it was in at 9:30PM on Wednesday, March 31st and are working with campus departments to determine which data entry since then can be recovered and which will need to be reentered. After we do data recovery planning, we will be able to announce the timing for turning Colleague and The Hub back online. Regardless of that timing, reporting from Colleague data will be unavailable throughout the day and possibly tomorrow as well. The restoration of data flowing from Colleague to other systems will take on the order of 6 hours, and cannot start until after the data recovery efforts are complete. We will send another update in a few hours. We are sorry for the inconvenience and are grateful for your patience and support. Janet Scannell, Chief Technology Officer Julie Creamer, Director of Enterprise Information Services