UPDATE 07/12: Printing will be unavailable during upgrades

11 July 2022

ITS will be upgrading Carleton’s print server Monday, July 11th beginning at 7am.

Update 8:30am, July 12 : The updates have been rescheduled for July 12, 7-9PM

Update July 13: The print server updates were successful. However print.ads.carleton.edu remains unavailable to view in a browser for people who want to see printer names and statuses. ITS staff plan to resolve this issue on the evening of July 22nd.

What is happening:

  • Carleton’s print server will be upgraded to the latest Windows Server version.
  • PaperCut will also be updated to the latest version at the same time.
  • Printing will be unavailable for approximately two hours across campus during the upgrade process.

What do you need to do:


If you are printing from a Mac, you should be able to print as usual after the update.

WINDOWS USERS (using your own username and password): 

If you log in to a Windows computer with your Carleton username and password, you should be able to print as usual after this update, assuming your computer has received the print settings update as part of July’s Monthly ITS Software Update. 

If your computer has not received this update automatically as it should, you may encounter a prompt asking for admin credentials. In this scenario, log into the K1000 via https://k1000.carleton.edu/, search for “Windows Printing”, and install “Windows Printing: PointandPrint Restricted”. Attempt to print again. If you are still prompted for admin credentials, please request assistance from the ITS Helpdesk staff by calling x5999 or by emailing helpdesk@carleton.edu.

WINDOWS USERS (from a shared login, e.g. in a lab): 

If you are printing in a lab or logged in as loaner, physics, biolstudent, chemstudent, or psycstudent, you will print as usual. If you are logged as a different user other than the ones listed, please use WebPrint:


Why are we doing this:

  • We are upgrading the print server to the latest Windows Server version available from Microsoft which includes the latest features and security patches.
  • We are updating PaperCut as well for the latest security updates.