New e2Campus list for IT Emergency Notification

11 June 2015


In 2009 Carleton began using an emergency notification system for communications during a campus safety crisis (click here to read more).  The use of that system is going to be expanded to include a new “ITS Emergency Notifications” option. Those who choose to sign up for this additional service will receive text message alerts about significant campus technology issues such as a network or email outage lasting 15 minutes or more.  To sign up for that service, please follow these steps. 

  1. If you’ve been receiving the test messages for campus emergencies, then you have an e2Campus account and can login using this link.  If you haven’t created an e2Campus account, then step 1 is to click this link and follow the instructions which will automatically subscribe you to the “Campus Emergencies” group.  Then follow the steps below.  
  2. When you are on the e2Campus webpage there will be 3 reddish tabs under the logo. Click on the last one which says “groups”.  
  3. Then look down the page to the Available Groups section and click “subscribe” after the option “ITS Emergency Notifications”.  
  4. Then click the “logout” link near the upper right.  

If you have questions, please contact Austin at x5635 or via email at, or the ITS Helpdesk at x5999 or via email at

ITS Emergency Update 

Austin Robinson-Coolidge

Director of Technology Support

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