Making Calendar appointment slots with Zoom links

15 October 2020

Many of you have used Google Appointment Slots in the past. There has been one change recently to the process of setting them up.  Here are current instructions.

  1. Set up the Zoom meeting for the entire time you want to meet with students.  This may be one multi-hour stretch or a recurring meeting.  
  2. Consider enabling the Waiting Room feature so that students with an adjacent meeting cannot disrupt an ongoing conversation (because of this feature we recommend using Zoom rather than Google Meet)
  3. Copy the Zoom invitation link.
  4. Set up your Google Appointment slots.  Make sure to paste the Zoom link into the location and/or further information box.
  5. Share the link for your appointment slots with your students, advisees or other people you are connecting with.  Sending an email or posting the link to your appointment slots in your Moodle course are two ways to help students make their own appointments with you.

Folks who get your link will need to be logged in with their Carleton account.  They will see their own calendar and the available appointment slots. They can choose a slot that works with their schedule.  Once they click and claim a slot, this slot disappears from the appointment scheduler, and the appointment shows up on their and your calendar.

For more details, view this Minute-to-Learn-it video below.

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