Dell Computer Specials

15 April 2005

PC Configuration
Dell Computer is offering Carleton staff and students special pricing now through the month of May on the desktop PC configuration we are purchasing for the College. This configuration is a 3.40GHz Pentium® 4 Processor, with 1.0GB SDRAM, 16X DVD+/-RW optical drive, and a 17-inch flat panel monitor for $1,273, plus shipping.

See more details via our Dell purchasing pages. From the ITS page, select Personal Computer Purchasing, and click on Vendor Links at the bottom of the next page. Select Dell and then follow the “Click Here to View Special Offers on Systems Recommended by Carleton College” link. The Optiplex GX280 Special Pricing is the first configuration listed and is titled Carleton College Institutional Standard.

Two items not included in this configuration are speakers and a modem. You might want to add these items. You can choose to upgrade or add additional features to this special. Taxes and shipping are extra.

This configuration does not include Microsoft Office. Employees can take advantage of our Microsoft Campus Agreement and sign out a copy of Microsoft Office for their home computers from ITS (contact Candy Lelm at or x4286). Students can purchase a copy of Office or their software package of choice. Microsoft Office can be purchased through the Carleton Bookstore or through Dell.

Although we are able to extend this pricing and configuration to the campus, we do not have the resources to support staff and students with home computers. You can place your order online or call a Dell sales representative at 1-888-987-3355 to assist you with your purchase. If calling, please be sure to mention Carleton’s unique member ID available via the Dell purchasing pages to ensure you get our special discount.

Monitor Special
Do you just want to purchase a 17″ flat panel monitor? We are also able to extend special pricing for the Dell 17-inch flat panel monitor in the same time frame. This monitor will work with both Macs and PCs and can be purchased for only $249. We have been using this monitor on campus for the past year with both PCs and Macintosh computers and think it is a great monitor. You can find this monitor on the same Dell discount page listed above.

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