Campus Directory Announcement

9 September 2019

As part of Web2020 – the move from Reason to WordPress – Web Services
rolled out the new WordPress campus directory today, September 9,
2019. The new directory reflects the College’s on-going work to
enhance data security and privacy. As such, you may notice a couple of

●     Student information will no longer appear in public searches.
Carleton community members logged in to the directory will see student
information, but students’ home address, phone number, and residence
location will no longer be visible.

●     Faculty and staff listings will no longer include home address,
telephone number and/or spouse/partner name.

●     Public searchers will not see faculty and staff email addresses
or phone numbers. Instead, they will click on an “Email” button to
contact you. If you respond back, they will then see your email

A project currently in progress is to be able to show diacriticals so
that names will correctly display within the new directory. This
project is expected to be completed in fall term.

The project team for the new campus directory consisted of
representatives from Dean of Students, Registrar’s Office, Human
Resources, ITS, External Relations and the Dean of the College.
Several other departments were consulted along the way, and people
from a variety of departments as well as students were involved in

If you have questions or concerns about the new directory, please
complete this feedback form and Web Services will get back to you. Concerns and
feature changes will be discussed with Carolyn Livingston, Fred
Rogers, and Bev Nagel.  As with any new tool, the first few months
will help us learn how well the tool suits campus needs.


Kerstin Cárdenas
Director of Human Resources

Julie Anderson
Director of Web Services

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