• RESOLVED: Login to Carleton Services

    15 December 2021

    10:25am update: 

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is reporting all issues are resolved.

    10am post:

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is reporting connectivity issues in our region. This is causing access issues with services like Duo which will affect your ability to log in to many Carleton services that require two-factor authentication. 

    This post will be updated as we learn of further impact and time for resolution.

  • RESOLVED: Website Outage

    10 December 2021

    Many Carleton web pages were inaccessible for approximately 15 minutes starting just before 4pm. This was due to website maintenance and was resolved by 4:11pm.

  • RESOLVED: Website Outage

    16 November 2021

    Carleton’s website, along with many others around the world, was down from approximately 11:53 to 12:17 today, due to a Google Cloud Networking issue. In our several years on Google…

  • Some portions of Google Cloud Services went down at around 11:45 for approximately half an hour. This affected some users trying to access Google accounts, and it also affected the…

  • At approximately 1:15 the campus and the surrounding area experienced internet outages for approximately 35 minutes. We believe that this outage was caused by a malicious DOS attack through a…

  • The cause of the intermittent 502 gateway errors has been resolved. All services should be fully operational.


    Original Post:

    Some users are getting “502 bad gateway errors” when trying to access Moodle or Carleton web pages.  ITS is investigating the cause of this issue.

    The sites are available when on the VPN or when using Chrome incognito mode. Those workarounds should provide access while we investigate.

  • Phone calls to the Helpdesk are now connecting successfully. ITS has not received an explanation from our vendor. We will continue to explore the cause and plans to avoid a…

  • RESOLVED: Unable to receive calls from off-campus

    30 September 2021

    Phone service has been restored. Inbound and outbound calls should work normally.

  • ISSUE: Unable to receive calls from off-campus

    29 September 2021

    At around 3:30PM a change made by our phone service provider caused Carleton to stop being able to call off-campus numbers or receive calls from off-campus numbers.  While we have implemented a workaround to allow outbound calls, fixing inbound calls will require the vendor to resolve their issue.  We are working with them but do not yet have an ETA.  Updates will be posted here.

  • Resolved: Intermittent Network Interruptions

    24 September 2021
    ITS has applied a fix and devices appear to be connecting to the network successfully.
    If you have any issues with connecting to the wired or wireless networks, please contact the ITS Helpdesk at helpdesk@carleton.edu.



    ITS is hearing reports of students and faculty in campus housing having problems getting a network connection in some campus locations, including residence halls. If you experience this problem, you should wait about 5 minutes and then try again.

    We are currently exploring the cause of this issue and will report back as we learn more.