The Mission of ITS is to oversee the information technology infrastructure that supports the educational mission of Carleton College. In addition to “on-demand” support that is provided by the Helpdesk, PEPS and other service owners, ITS also supports hundreds of projects every year.

To submit a project need:

Please contact the staff member you believe to be most appropriate (the “service owner”) or any of the ITS managers: Janet Scannell (CTO), Julie Anderson (web), Julie Creamer (enterprise software), Dave Flynn (infrastructure), Austin Robinson-Coolidge (support services) or Janet Russell (academic support).   

Current projects include:

Project planning takes into account several types of needs:

  • Operational needs include regular vendor upgrades, compliance requirements and replacing aged infrastructure.
  • Community needs lead to projects where ITS has a (small or large) role, projects that address needs that have emerged from satisfaction data or patterns identified from our ticket system.
  • Strategic direction identifies potential projects based on the evolution of technology and the ways it will affect or could be leveraged by Carleton.   

Strategic Priorities: 

The volatility of information technologies makes the creation of strategic priorities even more important to frame the selection of strategic projects. The question for every institution is when to shift direction in response to emerging technologies, and the impact of doing so. Carleton has already committed to a number of technology initiatives that are going to require significant focus from ITS.

Below is a summary of the 6 critical areas of focus and associated “pillar projects”. Click to view more detail and a grid showing initiatives for FY19-21. These ITS priorities will be subject to annual reflection and potential re-prioritization to accommodate emerging needs.

#1 Excellence Performing I.T. Basics

The foundation of every Information Technology department is providing strong support for users within the existing environment. ITS has the following priorities in this aspect of our work: 1) provide a more reliable classroom technology environment with faster response time for faculty while they are teaching, 2) continue to improve our planning skills and ability to make good commitments and meet them, 3) provide more opportunities for ITS staff development and more redundancy in supporting critical services, 4) improve data security in a thoughtful and strategic way, and 5) maintain and advance all aspects of our technology services.

#2 Central and Self Support

ITS is working to build a more robust “service buffet” for our clients to increase the number of ways our clients can find help, including more opportunities for them to reach out as part of a self-initiated search for answers. These efforts will be enabled by selecting and implementing a new ITS ticketing software package .

#3 Enhance Teaching, Student Learning, & Computational Research

Recent new faculty have had a marked increase in their demand for computational research infrastructure, which is emblematic of how an increase in quantitative methods provides rich scholarship opportunities for Carleton faculty, staff, and students.

#4 Transform Data Integration & Process Efficiency

Over the past five years, there has been a dramatic increase in the availability of tailored software solutions for functional areas across campus. This has raised the need for an enterprise software review to ensure that Carleton is best served and best positioned. The proliferation of software services has generated a growth in the need for strong business analysis as well as awareness of the complexity of the data connections between services.

#5 Modernize Web & Mobile Platforms

Web Services is in the early stages of Web2020 , a multi-year transition from Reason to WordPress. The redesigned Admissions site launched on the new platform on May 15, 2018, with the remaining 600+ sites to follow over the coming years.

#6 Embrace Cloud & Shifting I.T. Infrastructures

ITS is working closely with all of Carleton’s contractors on the new science complex and related construction projects. This is an opportunity to continue building a 21st-century IT infrastructure, with a special emphasis on the growing demand for wireless service and flexible networks to support new teaching spaces, labs, study areas and the Internet of Things. We’re also working hard to redesign our modernize our datacenter and server platforms.