Zoom updates, May 2022

26 May 2022
By Dann Hurlbert

Zoom is regularly rolling out new features and security updates. If your Zoom client isn’t already at version 5.10.3 or higher, consider updating soon.

To check for an update for the Zoom app:

  • Sign in to Zoom desktop client
  • Click your profile picture
  • Click Check for Updates

Below are some of the more recent Zoom features.

Zoom Whiteboard 

With functionality like Google’s Jamboard, you can now easily create a collaborative workspace in any Zoom meeting. Each whiteboard is saved to your Zoom account, and it can easily be exported as a PDF or PNG.

Example of whiteboard in Zoom, with drawings and sticky notes.
Example of Zoom’s Whiteboard

Annotation Tools

You can also collaborate on any shared screen using the built in annotation tools. When a screen is being shared, just click Annotate in the top toolbar, and then select which annotation tool you prefer: text, drawing, stamp, etc. Think about students giving synchronous feedback or using the stamps as an alternative to a survey.


Annotation tools menu in Zoom
Zoom’s Annotation Tools menu

Meeting Timer

To help keep you or your participants on schedule, you can now quickly launch a visible timer during a meeting! (Available June 7.)

Meeting timer screen in Zoom.
Zoom’s Meeting Timer feature

Slides as Virtual Backgrounds

Keep yourself on-screen while sharing your PowerPoint slides with this new feature (unfortunately, this does not work with Google Presentations or Keynote). When you share your screen, you can choose Advanced > Slides > and navigate to a PowerPoint, which will open as your virtual background, placing you at the bottom right of the screen.

PowerPoint slide as a virtual background in Zoom.
Use your PowerPoint slides as a background in Zoom

Immersive View

In addition to immersing yourself in a PowerPoint presentation, you can immerse all of your participants in a single, virtual, location. There are many different templates to choose from.

Example of immersive view in Zoom - students sitting in virtual classroom.
One example of Zoom’s Immersive View feature

Important Security Reminders

Keeping your Zoom meetings secure for you and your participants remains one of Carleton’s highest priorities.  Here are a few reminders:

  1. Update your Zoom Software regularly.  It’s an easy process.  With Zoom open, click Zoom > Check for Updates > and click Update if one is available.  Encourage your students to do the same.
  2. Don’t use your static Personal Meeting ID as the meeting URL, instead choose “Generate Automatically” for Meeting IDs
  3. Ensure meeting links for public events are posted only in password protected locations or provided by email upon request. 
  4. When scheduling meetings in which only Carleton and St. Olaf participants will be attending, select “Require Authentication to Join,” so nefarious outsiders who access your link can’t join your meeting at all.
  5. Turn on the Waiting Room, so you can see who is joining your meeting before you let them in.
  6. Security Icon: you can lock a meeting once all participants have arrived and limit who has permission to start their videos, unmute themselves, or share screens.  Participants Icon: you can quickly mute a participant’s mic or camera . . . or remove them from the meeting entirely.
  7. Share Screen Advanced Sharing Options:  you can limit who has permission to share their screens.
  8. Check out more tips on keeping your meetings secure in Zoom’s Best Practices for Privacy document.

For Carleton-specific questions or support, please contact PEPS at: peps@carleton.edu.