Welcome to Paul Bernhardt, the new Classroom Support Manager

1 February 2024
By Alex Tananbaum

For many of us, Paul is a familiar face on campus. He started at Carleton in 2011, working for both Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) and the Office of the Director of the Arts (ODoA). “I have loved this work,” says Paul, “and I’m ready for a new professional challenge.” On January 2nd, 2024, he joined ITS as Classroom Support Manager.

Paul Bernhardt, Classroom Support Manager

In this role, Paul will manage support of the audio-visual equipment in our classrooms and other learning spaces, manage installation and other projects, plan for new AV equipment and replacement of existing equipment, work closely with Facilities, external partners, and other stakeholders to create inclusive learning spaces and accessible AV environments, and develop training opportunities for faculty and staff in effective use of AV technologies.

Paul’s background includes deep knowledge and understanding of media production and AV technologies. One of Paul’s first interests is in researching classroom technology at other institutions. “The most important current project in my new role,” he says, ”is figuring out what the most important projects are.”

Paul served on the design committee for the Weitz music addition. “If I contributed anything,” he says, “it was bringing up two things often enough they came to be: addition-wide DANTE (Digital Audio Networking through Ethernet) and a sound-isolated space for recording at the back of Kracum.” Paul led transitioning the college’s premiere movie-going venue to digital cinema, a long-term project which culminated in re-commissioning Weitz Cinema in 2019.

Early in fall 2023, Visiting Assistant Professor Andrew Vielkind mentioned showing a 1973 experimental film, “Line Describing a Cone,” in 16mm. The film’s director calls for the work to be shown in total blackout with theatrical haze. Paul devoted himself, throughout the fall and over the break, to working through all the safety and logistical considerations needed for that to happen, coordinating with colleagues across campus and in municipal governance. His final project for CAMS and ODoA was screening “Line Describing a Cone” in Hamlin Creative Space the first week of winter term 2024. 

Paul represents the Weitz Center for Creativity on Carleton’s Safety Committee. He volunteers as Marketing and Communications Director of the Midwest College and University AV Group, which holds an AV Summit at a different college every year. “The first one was at Carleton, founded by Jim Pierret and others, so it’s exciting that the tenth AV Summit will be here at Carleton March 14 and 15. Pi Day and the Ides of March,” says Paul. “Memorable dates for our tenth Summit.” 

Paul is a member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE), the Educational Technology Collaborative (ETC), the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association (AVIXA), Educause, the Higher Ed Technology Managers’ Alliance (HETMA), Northwest Managers of Educational Technology (NW/MET), and Northeast Digital Learning Association (NEDLA), and the Minnesota Safety Council.

Paul loves music. He plays guitar and sings in a band of fellow dads. He likes hearing music he’s never heard before. He likes cooking, bicycling, and watching movies.

Paul and his family live in Northeast Minneapolis. His wife is an Occupational Therapist in the Minneapolis Public Schools. Their son Henry, a junior in high school, is an avid drummer, songwriter, and fiction reader. Their daughter Hannah, a junior at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, is developing her practice as a ceramic artist and photographer. Their dog, Coco, is a schnauzer, Yorkshire Terrier, and poodle.