The Science of Instruction: Talk Is Cheap (And Less Effective)

14 January 2020
By Dann Hurlbert

In this short video, number two of three in a series on the textbook e-Learning and the Science of Instruction by Ruth Covlin Clark & Richard E. Mayer, Dann Hurlbert digs into how these important concepts should impact instructional video production. The book is an in-depth, research-based look into best practices surrounding using audio and visuals in e-learning. E-learning is only a part of its application, though. These principles are also highly applicable for those creating instructional videos for flipped classrooms or other hybrid teaching styles.

In this second video, Dann reports that, while audio is easy to produce, it’s often less effective.  He also provides some insight on how you can easily supplement your audio to create more engaging and effective content.

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