Single Most Helpful Article on Video Creation, Curation, and Marketing

11 February 2016

Clipboard SurveyNiel Patel’s QuickSprout article, The Complete Guide to Building a Successful YouTube Channel, is a must read for those interested in either marketing with video or curating a successful educational or commercial video channel—in YouTube, Vimeo, or any streaming video service.

In a Nutshell:

  • Before you begin, you must be able to answer these questions: Who is Your Audience & What Are Their Interests?
  • Create or curate videos that audience wants to see. Keep the topics focused and concise and make the videos attractive and engaging.
  • Know your SEO. Use keywords, pitch it to your contacts, post it to all your social media outlets, and partner with other professionals by cross-promoting.
  • One video–like one blog post–does not create a following. Gradually build a collection of videos using steps 1-3 as your guide.

For statistics and examples, be sure to checkout Patel’s article.

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