Physics Inventory Database: Image Optimization Instructions

21 February 2018
By Yihuang Wu

This is a subtask of the Carl-Olaf physics inventory database project to provide instructions and assistance to the student worker who will take photos of physics equipment and upload them to the database. Since Mallika and I were not involved in the process of building this database, we first interviewed Weijia Ma ’20, who perfected the database, to learn how the database is structured and the basic steps for data entry.

After talking to Thomas Baraniak, Carleton physics lab manager, we gathered information on the physics department’s requirements for the photos and examined a few samples of the typical physics equipment. 

Based on the information they provide, we calculated the estimated server space each photo can be allowed to have and conclude that we have enough space to aim for very high image definition.

Then, Mallika and I discussed possible ways to optimize the images in terms of resolution, frame, lighting, angle, white balance, etc. and took a few test photos to see if our procedure leads to the desired results. The final instruction document consists of three major parts — an introduction to the Filemaker database, an instruction on taking photos of physics equipment, and a manual for uploading images to the database.

Physics Database