Panopto — more than just upload and playback

6 February 2022
By Dann Hurlbert

Panopto makes it easy to upload, record and playback videos. You can embed them in your Moodle course, blog post or on a web page.

Did you also know that Panopto makes it easy for students to read the transcript of a video, or make notes for themselves about it, or participate in an online discussion with others?

Tori Shen, a student worker in the PEPS office, demonstrates these and other things in her latest video tutorial.

With arrows and highlights, she shows how to find and use some of the more powerful functions within Panopto. These include taking command of the different presentation modes, creating comments to be shared with other viewers, and searching a video for mention of a word or phrase.

If we just used text and pictures to showcase these capabilities, this post would be long and perhaps difficult to navigate. Tori does a great job of demonstrating all these features and more in this easy-to-follow tutorial.

After watching her video, you may want to log into Panopto to try these things out for yourself. Just click the image below and log in via Moodle. After logging in, you’ll be on the Carleton Panopto homepage, where you’ll find more short tutorial videos.

Panopto login page at Carleton.
Panopto login page

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