Ally for Moodle

12 May 2022

Many have asked how to use Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles with Moodle. Ally is a tool that can be integrated into Moodle to provide guidance on how to improve the usability and accessibility of course content.

Ally logo with the words,

Virtual Reality @ Carleton

4 May 2022

Sophomore Sam Johnson-Lacoss (Class of ‘24)’s interest in virtual reality (VR) started in 2018. At Carleton, he’s worked on a couple of projects to implement academic uses of VR.

Augmented reality of anatomy of a human brain and nervous system

Zoom Waiting Room Messaging feature

20 April 2022

Zoom added a Messaging Feature to the Waiting Room, so you can let those waiting know that you’re there, and you’ll be with them soon.

Zoom waiting room messaging

Getting Ready for End of Term — and Next Term

3 March 2022

As W22 is coming to a close, please note these reminders and opportunities for end-of-term use of academic technologies and getting ready for S22.

Illustration of students sitting at desks in a room with books, a lamp and clock.

Panopto — more than just upload and playback

6 February 2022

Panopto makes it easy for students to read the transcript of a video, or make notes for themselves about it, or participate in an online discussion with others.

Panopto details

Carleton moves to longer passwords for increased security

25 January 2022

The cybersecurity threat is constantly evolving. Ransomware is currently one of the biggest problems. In response, Carleton is strengthening its password policies.

Laptop with lock and key icons

Using iPads in Classrooms

5 January 2022

Help! I just learned that I will have several remote students in my class! How do I teach everyone when I do a lot of writing on the board?!?

iPad as whiteboard in a hybrid class

Hybrid Meetings and Google Calendar

13 October 2021

You may have noticed that Google Calendar has released some new functionalities that will make it easier for us to create meetings and indicate in meetings how we will participate. The…

5 people in a meeting with one attending remotely

New Duo Mobile App Available in October

8 October 2021

Duo, Carleton’s 2-factor authentication system, is releasing a redesigned version of their Duo Mobile App for smartphones and tablets. For iOS: October 11 through 18, 2021 For Android: October 11 through…

Duo logo