Google Appointment Schedules

19 January 2023

A professor or staff member who has open office hours but wants to meet with just one person at a time should find appointment slots to be a good scheduling option.

Google appointment slot choices.

Helpful Moodle Tips for Students

12 January 2023

Moodle continues to expand and change to make education easier for students and professors. Here are some new features that I found useful to know about.

Moodle logo with clouds and a ladder

Jimmy Zhong: how the DataSquad experience helped me during my internship

6 January 2023

Aya Klos ‘23 sat down with Biology/Computer Science double-major Jimmy Zhong ’23 to learn about his experience with the DataSquad and reflect on the skills he could apply during his internship and beyond.

Picture of Jimmy Zhong '23

AT Skillshops for Winter 2023

8 December 2022

In preparation for your Winter Term courses, ITS is offering four Skillshops on January 3, 2023. Topics include: Moodle quizzing and grading, new ideas for and Gradescope, plus a session on Google Storage and Gmail.

Skillshop logo with icons of laptop, headset with microphone, mouse, and tablet with pen. The logo is circular and includes the words

Carleton’s New Online Password System

1 December 2022

Have you ever forgotten your Carleton password or username? Good news! The process for resetting your login information is now quite easy!

Cartoon of a computer monitor with the word

Another Phishing Simulation & Cybersecurity Town Hall Recording Available

8 November 2022

There will be another chance to test how well you can spot a phishing email message during the week of November 14-18. Look for a suspect message. Discuss with your colleagues. Work as a team. Report phishing using the “Report phishing” feature in Gmail.

Cybersecurity awareness month logo.

Recognize and Report Phishing

24 October 2022

When you identify a potential phishing email, please report it using the “Report phishing” feature in Gmail. When you report phishing in this way, you help train Google’s phishing detection algorithm.

Cybersecurity awareness month logo.

Update Your Software

17 October 2022

One of the easiest ways to keep your devices and data secure is to update your software and apps soon after updates become available. These updates fix general software problems and patch security vulnerabilities that hackers might exploit.

Cybersecurity awareness month logo.

UDL Series — Action and Expression: Executive Functions

11 October 2022

Executive functions enable humans to counter impulsive, short-term responses to their immediate environment and instead set long-term goals, plan efficient strategies to achieve these goals, track their progress, and adjust strategies as necessary.

UDL icon for executive functions.