Using iPads in Classrooms

5 January 2022
By Carly Born

Help! I just learned that I will have several remote students in my class! How do I teach everyone when I do a lot of writing on the board?!?

Basic Tech Needed

If you plan on doing a lot of writing on the board in your classroom, then you will need some additional technology to make that work for both your in-class students and your remote students.

  • Zoom link for the class
  • iPad & Pencil or Surface Pro (need to request one?)
  • Computer connected to the classroom projection
  • (optional) tripod with iPad holder to position iPad in good camera distance from board if you plan to film the black/white board

Great. What do I do with all of this?

Our standard recommendation is to connect to the same Zoom meeting from BOTH a computer and your iPad.

  • Join the Zoom meeting from a computer.
  • Connect the computer to the projector in the classroom.
  • Display the Zoom meeting from the computer, so that it is showing to the students in the classroom.
  • Join the same Zoom meeting from your iPad.
  • Share your iPad’s screen in Zoom.
    • The students in the classroom will be able to see what you write on the iPad by looking at what the projector is showing.
    • The remote students will also be able to see what you write on your iPad because you are sharing your iPad’s screen with them. (For more details, see below)
  • Use your iPad in place of using the black/white board.

This is the easiest way to display hand written content to both in-class and remote students. It is achievable in any location with wifi, and can be achieved on any combination of devices.

Key Points:

  • Do NOT join audio from your mobile device, this will automatically save you from having feedback issues in the classroom.
  • If you also want to record the meeting, do so in Zoom on the classroom computer (its wired network connection will make it faster to move the Zoom recording into the cloud and to Panopto).
  • Test it out in the classroom you plan to use.

Other Considerations

Make sure to check what technology you have in your classroom.

Every classroom at Carleton has a computer, projector connections for a laptop and cables for HDMI, USB-C, Mini Display port and Lightning (iOS).

For specific information on the rooms in which you teach, make sure to visit the Classroom Technology Support page.

I want to use Screensharing on one computer and an iPad for board notes at the same time – what do my students see?

By default, when you share your screen, all other participants, including the iPad, become very small or even invisible. For remote students to see both the screenshare and the board, ask them to

  • find the View button in the top right corner
  • select Side-by-side: Gallery.
  • select the iPad pointing to the board and find the Pin option (in the little blue box inside the window that shows the iPad)
  • find the slider option between the two windows (screenshare and iPad) and slide it so that the size of the image is optimal for the content.

What if I need something else?

You can either attempt to get your class moved to a classroom with the technology you need, or you can contact the PEPS Equipment Checkout Center to see if they have what you need for check-out.

How to get help?

Remember that there are tutorial videos available 24/7 on the Moodle Micro-skill Tutorials and Resilient Pedagogies pages. ATs and PEPS staff are also continuing a schedule for drop-in sessions, check out the ITS Calendar for the schedule.

Long-term hardware requests or urgent matters should be directed to the ITS Helpdesk. For immediate attention, please call them at x5999.