Google Appointment Slots

19 January 2023
By Markus Gunadi

Google has created a new powerful scheduling tool called appointment slots! This tool differs from other scheduling tools as it works best when you don’t know who you are going to meet but want to show your availability. For example, a professor who has open office hours but wants to meet with just one student at a time might find appointment slots to be a good scheduling option. 

Google Workspace Learning Center has instructions for how to create a Google appointment slot.

All appointment slots can be found through the appointment slot owner’s personal link. An easy way to share your personal appointment slots is through your Moodle page or an email signature.

For students, to sign up for appointment slots, you can simply ask for a link to someone’s appointment slots. After getting their appointment slots link, you can choose however many appointments you want to make and click save. The appointments will show up in your Google Calendar like any other event. If you need to cancel your appointment, click your appointment slot and under the section Going?, click no.

An example of an appointment slots webpage

This tool is exclusive to school and work emails but luckily all Carleton emails are school emails. While you could just have individual Google Calendar events to schedule meetings, appointment slots are much more efficient and intuitive. Hopefully this post helped you!

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