First Couple of Weeks with DataSquad

29 October 2018
By Ozzy Huock

I was very happy last spring when I learned I was going to start working with Datasquad this year. I have some background in data science but I wanted a campus job that would push me to learn new and practical skills.  My first project for Datasquad has been to find some files that were lost during a large file transfer. To do this, I have written a script for comparing directories in python. The first thing it does is create two lists of all the files in both directories. Then, it compares those two lists and creates a third list that contains all the elements that are in one list but not in the other. This third list contains the files that were not transferred. The first time I ran my code, I found that the number of missing files was far greater than expected. I had a problem with my code that compared the two lists so I am going to try another method of comparison and try again. My end goal is to have a list of all the missing files and the file paths for all of them.