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A New Campus Map is Coming to Carleton!

8 June 2022

Web Services is working with Concept3D for Carleton’s new campus map. Among the features will be the ability to interact with the map on mobile devices.

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Google Data Studio: A Google Doc version for Data Reports

26 June 2020

1. What is Google Data Studio? Understanding, analyzing, and visualizing data is on the surge more than ever. We have many powerful tools to handle those tasks with in-depth capabilities…

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Scraping ENROLL with Beautiful Soup and Pandas

29 October 2019

For my first project with the Datasquad, I worked on extracting course information to construct up-to-date lists of Writing Rich and Quantitative Reasoning Courses. Initially, we thought this task would…

Visualizing MISO Survey Data

12 September 2019

Following my brief data science internship at Wells Fargo this winter, I had an opportunity to visualize data from the Measuring Information Service Outcomes (MISO) survey. The survey contains questions…

Joining DataSquad Team with Tableau

22 February 2019

This term I moved from working the front desk to working with Paula’s DataSquad. This work started very quickly with my first assignment being to learn Tableau and present this…

Visualizing International Student Data

8 November 2018

After joining Datasquad this term, I quickly received my first task, which was to create a visualization representing the international student body for OIIL (Office of International and Intercultural Life).…

Doing ‘Percent of Total’ in Tableau!

18 September 2018

Here is an example of a bar chart with two dimensions (the blue pills) in the columns However, There are far fewer ‘home office’ records than there are ‘consumer’ records.…

Language Assessment Data Visualization

21 February 2018

The language department requested for an analysis and visualization of the data on fifty-nine 204-level students and would like to know how their starting course (101, 102, 103, or 204)…

Using ggplot Themes For In-Print Visualization

6 February 2018

While most of the recent conversation around data visualization has focused on optimizing graphs for online viewing (and rightfully so) , some graphs are still made for production in books.…