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New series of tutorials focus on creating effective instructional videos

5 November 2020

Faculty around the world know how to deliver online content. Many have been doing it for years, and for others . . . it’s been a trial by fire over…

Perfect Instructional Video Series

Video in the Age of Digital Learning: Insight from Jonas Köster’s 2018 book

13 December 2018

Jonas Köster recently produced a beautiful and research-rich book titled Video in the Age of Digital Learning. For those of us in education and developing instructional media, we already know…

Booc cover: video in the age of digital learning

Oral Communication and Technology

12 December 2018

Teaching Oral Communications with Technology from Carleton Academic Technology on Vimeo.

Video placard

Instructional Video with Professor Dave Explains

24 August 2018

I recently came across some great instructor videos by a guy who goes by Professor Dave.  He’s actually a Carleton grad, and his videos (on lots of science-related topics) are…

Tutee or Not Tutee: Who should be on camera in your Instructional Video?

6 July 2018

Effective instructional videos can vary in style.  This short video, inspired by an Arizona State University study, reveals preferences and effectiveness in two different styles: Should you teach to the…

Facing Instructional Videos

2 July 2018

How important is it for instructors to include their own faces when creating instructional videos? The answer might surprise you. Dann Hurlbert, Carleton College’s Media & Design Guru (and an…

Instructional Video Workshops Fill up Fast!

29 June 2018

I’m already excited to be a part of the team hosting this Instructional Video Workshop at Carleton in late July!  Attendees will not only take-way a concrete and replicable process…

Business Video Benefits (in Education)

27 June 2018

Dann Hurlbert, Carleton College’s Media and Design Guru provides an overview of Matt Bowman’s article in Forbes Magazine about video marketing in business. There is a reason businesses are using…

Tips for Getting Started with Online Teaching

25 May 2018

Even for schools that don’t see themselves as “online” institutions, there are ways to gradually get started teaching online courses. In this video, Dann Hurlbert of Carleton College’s Academic Technology…