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AI “Filmmaking” . . . with Dann?

7 February 2024

“Filmmaking” using various AI tools is becoming far better and much easier. A company called Curious Refuge is now billing itself as The World’s First Home for AI Storytellers, and…

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Panopto Archives

21 July 2022

Panopto’s storage model has changed to include an “Archived” storage feature. Previously, Panopto only used a “Stored Hours” model, but now all videos that have not been viewed in the last two years will be automatically moved to the Panopto “Archive.”

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Zoom updates, May 2022

26 May 2022

Zoom regularly rolls out new features and security updates. Here are instructions for updating Zoom, as well as a quick show-&-tell of some of its newest capabilities.

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Panopto — more than just upload and playback

6 February 2022

Panopto makes it easy for students to read the transcript of a video, or make notes for themselves about it, or participate in an online discussion with others.

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Moodle and Panopto changes, summer 2021

22 July 2021

Over the summer, ITS is going to make some changes to Moodle. Please read on for what these changes mean to you. Sunday, August 1: Deleting old Moodle courses On…

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Video and Data Support: it’s more than you might think!

8 March 2021

Academic Technology can help you with your courses in ways you may not have realized. Beyond supporting Moodle and Zoom and helping you to redesign a course, academic technologists also…

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Personalizing and Assessing Your Online Instruction

19 December 2020

For the past month, Dann Hurlbert has been sharing his principles for creating instructional videos that are both pedagogically effective and engaging. This week, he concludes the series with the…

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Active Learning & Signaling Strategies with Instructional Videos

3 December 2020

Passive viewing of video content is not how students learn best. Students need to be actively engaged by video lessons.  In addition, intentionally signaling the most important points within your videos…

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Duration, Sound, and creating Perfect Instructional Videos

19 November 2020

Perfect Instructional Videos involve many facets, ranging from production considerations to assessment strategies.  This week, Dann shares two new videos, Duration and Illustrating with Sound. For instructional videos, often an amazing “less”…

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