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Carly’s Spring 2018 Update

21 March 2018

This term I’m looking forward to more sunshine and outdoor running! But I’m also looking forward to the data collection phase for a few of my research projects. I’ve got…

Celeste’s Spring 2018 Update

21 March 2018

This term I’m drawing inspiration from the presentation and conversations I participated in at Reed College’s Transforming Undergraduate Student Research In The Digital Age conference. I co-presented with Sarah Calhoun…

New in Moodle!

5 September 2017

Carly has done her yearly recap of new Moodle features heading into the academic year. There’s lots of great info and new avenues for support. Also, learning strategy consultations with…

Moodle logo with clouds and a ladder

Hello! What’s New in AT Social Media

24 October 2016

Welcome! If you’ve been following this blog, you may notice things look a little different. We’ve updated to a brighter, friendlier theme with some features that help this site serve…

Makerspace Musings

15 August 2016

On August 3-5, I attended an ACM funded workshop at Lawrence University designed to bring ACM faculty and staff together to discuss possibilities for integrating makerspaces into teaching and learning…

photo of small toolkit that comes with Ultimaker 2+ including screwdriver and wrench

AT for DS search

18 January 2016

See Janet’s Blog by clicking here. Academic Technology at Carleton has redefined itself several times over the past 20+ years and is right now undergoing another reimagining. We have opened…

Welcome to our Blog!

12 November 2015

Hello, and thanks for joining us as we begin to show what Carleton Academic Technology does, thinks about, and wants to do. This blog will be a central source of…