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Expanding faculty support with Academic Technology Student Assistants

15 April 2019

I was in a conference session recently when the topic of using student workers to provide instructional support of faculty was raised as a tangent to how to engage faculty in technology training and instructional design….

Academic technology logo superimposed over a room full of academic technologists

New article published by Janet Russell and Melissa Eblen-Zayas on CUBE

22 March 2019

Melissa and Janet’s article “Making an Online Summer Bridge Program High Touch” was recently published in the Journal of College Student Development. The article describes the creation of the Carleton Undergraduate Bridge…

Carleton Undergraduate Bridge Experience

Doug’s Spring 2018 Update

22 March 2018

Spring Term will see me focus on design and its impact on communication. The acts of communication, including writing, speaking, showing slides, etc., force all of us to make choices…

Paula’s Spring 2018 Update

22 March 2018

I am eager to jump into spring term as I have several new projects underway, some that will wrap up in the term & others just getting rolling. While IRA…

Randy’s Spring 2018 Update

22 March 2018

This Spring Term I’ll spend a great deal of my time ensuring that all the scientific instruments in the natural sciences are running as expected. The move from Mudd Hall…

Dann’s Spring 2018 Update

21 March 2018

Transcript, below. Hey Folks, spring is on us. Here is a little of what I’ve been up to, and what I’m looking forward to. Leaning on my MFA in Digital…

Janet’s Spring 2018 Update

21 March 2018

This Spring Term online teaching and learning is much on my mind. I’ll be presenting at OLCInnovate 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee this April. OLC, Online Learning Consortium, pairs up with…

Andrew’s Spring 2018 Update

21 March 2018

Fall and winter terms were an exciting time for me, with the arrival of our new 3D printer and the in-class trial of one of my Augmented Reality (AR) applications.…

Carly’s Spring 2018 Update

21 March 2018

This term I’m looking forward to more sunshine and outdoor running! But I’m also looking forward to the data collection phase for a few of my research projects. I’ve got…