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(Re)introducing Ally

21 March 2024

The tool Ally helps improve the accessibility of Moodle content and course documents, equipping our students with a variety of ways to engage with course content. Carleton piloted Ally during…

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Teaching with CARE: Supporting equity and inclusion with academic technology

14 March 2024

An inclusive and equitable learning environment is one in which all students feel welcome, valued, and respected. It is also an environment in which improved learning outcomes, increased engagement and…

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UDL Series — Action and Expression: Executive Functions

11 October 2022

Executive functions enable humans to counter impulsive, short-term responses to their immediate environment and instead set long-term goals, plan efficient strategies to achieve these goals, track their progress, and adjust strategies as necessary.

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UDL series — Action and Expression: Expression and Communication

1 September 2022

Providing flexibility for modalities of communication gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their strengths, while also focusing attention on areas they need to improve. Exercising all modes of communication helps students to be successful now and after Carleton.

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UDL series — Action and Expression: Physical Action

24 August 2022

Providing multiple means of action and expression for students to demonstrate their knowledge creates an equitable learning environment. Options for physical action include varying the method for response and navigation in the classroom and optimizing access to tools and assistive technologies.

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UDL series — Engagement: Self Regulation

26 July 2022

The ability to self-regulate is a critical aspect of human development. Provide options for students to gain skills in this area by promoting expectations and beliefs that optimize motivation, facilitating personal coping skills and strategies, and curating self-assessments and reflective practices.

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UDL series — Engagement: Sustaining Effort & Persistence

14 July 2022

To help students sustain effort and persistence, remind them of the learning goals and why they matter, offer challenging opportunities, foster a community of learners, and provide feedback.

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UDL series — Engagement: Recruiting Interest

7 July 2022

Providing multiple means of engagement in a course — by optimizing individual choice and autonomy, by optimizing relevance, value and authenticity, and by minimizing threats and distractions — is another fundamental principle of UDL. Implementing options for engagement can increase the inclusiveness of the classroom.

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UDL series — Representation: Comprehension

30 June 2022

Transforming accessible information into usable knowledge is not a passive process but an active one. Designing how information is presented can lead to increased comprehension.

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