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A New Campus Map is Coming to Carleton!

8 June 2022

Web Services is working with Concept3D for Carleton’s new campus map. Among the features will be the ability to interact with the map on mobile devices.

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Zoom updates, May 2022

26 May 2022

Zoom regularly rolls out new features and security updates. Here are instructions for updating Zoom, as well as a quick show-&-tell of some of its newest capabilities.

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Day of DH 2021

17 June 2021

Carleton’s Day of DH or Day of Digital Humanities had its 5th year (with last year missing), and, of course, we did it virtually. While this changed the format a little…

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Here, there and everywhere: REMOTELAB

10 June 2021

Last year when Carleton moved entirely to remote learning during the pandemic, faculty and students used Moodle to share course documents, take tests and hold asynchronous online discussions. They used…

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Using Zoom Spotlight in a Face-to-Face Class

16 January 2021

This semester, students enrolled in on-campus classes who are required to quarantine is a serious issue. Dave Alberg is teaching chemistry face-to-face this semester, but has had students in quarantine…

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Virtual Poster Session with

13 November 2020

An ongoing debate in the computer interface design world is whether it’s important or useful to make things on a computer screen look like what they are supposed to represent…

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Teaching with Tech Tip: Making Slides Quickly

30 January 2020

Now that I’ve been back in the classroom for a little while, I’m starting to collect various tips and tricks for preparing my course materials. I teach Japanese to high…

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Through the looking glass: Adventures with the Hololens

19 November 2018

This blog post has been a long time coming. I have meant to write about our ongoing Hololens developments for some time. I wanted to start by saying, even after…

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#RiddleMiaThis, Riddle Me That: Trying out a Puzzle Room App

10 October 2018

Together with my intrepid colleague Sarah Calhoun, I tried out the new Riddle Mia This app at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA). The app is designed by Samantha Porter…