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SQL vs. NoSQL Databases, What…?

4 May 2020

SQL (Structured Query Language) and NoSQL (Not only SQL) are two popular yet distinct types of databases. A database is an organized collection of information, like a library with orderly…

Cloud Computing

4 May 2020

Cloud Computing (Cloud) is a massive computing resource built by Cloud provider (usually means several gigantic data centers in various geographic locations), and institutions/customers subscribe to computing resources according to…

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Dealing with a Vector Memory Exhausted Error in R

27 April 2020

When working with relatively large data in RStudio, it’s not uncommon to run into a Vector Memory Exhausted error. The threshold for this can depend on a number of things,…

First Couple of Weeks with DataSquad

29 October 2018

I was very happy last spring when I learned I was going to start working with Datasquad this year. I have some background in data science but I wanted a…

Physics Inventory Database: Image Optimization Instructions

21 February 2018

This is a subtask of the Carl-Olaf physics inventory database project to provide instructions and assistance to the student worker who will take photos of physics equipment and upload them…

Modernizing Mail Merge with Google Forms

5 October 2017

Problem Every term at Carleton, the registrar office has to send every teaching professor an email asking them if they want their class to use self-scheduled exams that term. Until…

New Workflow

Sketching a Backend for Language Placement Tests

5 October 2017

Sometimes, projects come around that DataSquad can’t directly contribute to because the scope of the project is longer than the time any one student will stay at the school. But…

Using FileMaker to Design a User Interface for an Inventory Database

16 May 2017

My current project is to design a web and desktop user interface for a physics inventory database using FileMaker. The database is shared between Carleton and St. Olaf College and…

How-To: Use PDFs to Easily Collect Information from Forms

22 April 2017

Here’s a neat little tutorial to get you started with automatic data extraction from PDF forms! Step 1: Open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat (NOT Adobe Acrobat Reader. This system…