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Looking for Creativity? Come to the Makerspace!

24 October 2023

Across campus there are countless places for Carls to express their creativity through imaginative projects. One of the best places is the Makerspace lab!

Round circuit board with batteries, LEDs, resistors, a chip and a push button. There's a Carleton logo with the words,

DataSquad: A Deep Dive Into Data Cleaning

18 May 2023

Shaun Baron-Furayama (class of 2023) worked over a summer to “clean” student-collected presidential election data that spanned over two decades. Here’s a little about the process and a report of his experience.

Cartoon image of files and a sweeper, indicating the process of data cleaning.

BiochemAR is now available!

21 January 2019

BiochemAR, an augmented reality app for visualizing 3d molecular models, is now available for download on Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. This app, a collaboration between Rou-Jia Sung…

3d model of molecule appears above QR code on a plain table.

Guest Post: Arduino Water Depth Monitor

4 June 2018

Author: Nathan Mannes, ’19 With supplies from the Geology Department and with the advising of Andrew Wilson, we have created an Arduino-based water-depth monitor. The grey cone you see at…

Civic Engagement, Spanish Classes, and Instructional Video

25 May 2018

Dann Hurlbert and Palmar Alvarez-Blanco co-taught Spanish 206, a Carleton College course focused on fostering civic engagement–while giving back to the community. Students in this course worked with under-represented community…

Demystifying project communications for students (part 2)

5 June 2017

**crossposted from Celeste’s blog** This post expands on my previous post about some of the basics of project communications, with the idea that these can be helpful references for students…

kermit the frog looks at screen of Mac laptop

Demystifying communications for student workers

10 April 2017

My colleagues Sarah Calhoun, Austin Mason, and I are collaborating on creating 4 new undergraduate internship positions related to front end/back-end development for digital humanities and digital scholarship projects, accessibility…

person types in collaborative Google Doc at conference table

Digital portfolios at Carleton

8 January 2016

See Janet’s Blog by clicking here. This is my inaugural post from a Carleton College blog. Carleton uses the WordPress (WP) Edublog platform  and I’ve chosen the template called Blogghiamo.…

Building the Lightboard

2 December 2015

This post was originally written for Eric’s blog. Check the original post and his other blog posts here.  Every day of my Carleton job has been a new adventure. I…