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Moodle Question Type: “Drag and Drop onto Image”

2 February 2021

Constructive Alignment is an approach to teaching and learning in which the learning outcomes that students are expected to achieve are defined and stated at the beginning of a course…

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Controlled listening exercises with Moodle and Panopto

9 January 2021

Sometimes, we would like our students to listen to an audio prompt only once or twice before they answer questions or write a response. Moodle alone does not allow you…

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Personalizing and Assessing Your Online Instruction

19 December 2020

For the past month, Dann Hurlbert has been sharing his principles for creating instructional videos that are both pedagogically effective and engaging. This week, he concludes the series with the…

Personalizing & Assessing

Active Learning & Signaling Strategies with Instructional Videos

3 December 2020

Passive viewing of video content is not how students learn best. Students need to be actively engaged by video lessons.  In addition, intentionally signaling the most important points within your videos…

Active Learning & Signaling

Duration, Sound, and creating Perfect Instructional Videos

19 November 2020

Perfect Instructional Videos involve many facets, ranging from production considerations to assessment strategies.  This week, Dann shares two new videos, Duration and Illustrating with Sound. For instructional videos, often an amazing “less”…

Duration and Sound

New series of tutorials focus on creating effective instructional videos

5 November 2020

Faculty around the world know how to deliver online content. Many have been doing it for years, and for others . . . it’s been a trial by fire over…

Perfect Instructional Video Series

Reduce Scrolling in Moodle with Section Links

1 October 2020

Moodle course pages can become quite long, requiring students to scroll down a long page of content to find what they’re looking for. Dave Musicant and Stephen Mohring have solved…

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Video Tools and Instructional Continuity

10 March 2020

This short video offers insight into how Carleton faculty, staff, and students can use institution supported video tools to meet, teach, or attend classes and meetings remotely. Here are some…

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The Science of Instruction: Text and the Heart

21 January 2020

In this short video, one of three in a series on the textbook, e-Learning and the Science of Instruction by Ruth Covlin Clark & Richard E. Mayer, Dann Hurlbert digs…

Making video work well: text and the heart