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Cloud Computing

4 May 2020

Cloud Computing (Cloud) is a massive computing resource built by Cloud provider (usually means several gigantic data centers in various geographic locations), and institutions/customers subscribe to computing resources according to…

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Dealing with a Vector Memory Exhausted Error in R

27 April 2020

When working with relatively large data in RStudio, it’s not uncommon to run into a Vector Memory Exhausted error. The threshold for this can depend on a number of things,…

Why We Choose Trello to Manage DataSquad

29 October 2019

The DataSquad is a group of student employees (a subgroup of Academic Technology – which is a subgroup Information Technology Services) that provide data-related services here at Carleton College.  To…

Mock DataSquad Project Workflow Board

Scraping ENROLL with Beautiful Soup and Pandas

29 October 2019

For my first project with the Datasquad, I worked on extracting course information to construct up-to-date lists of Writing Rich and Quantitative Reasoning Courses. Initially, we thought this task would…

How to Create a Digital Signature Using Preview

27 October 2019

Say you are about to sign your name on a PDF format file. How would you sign it? If you are thinking about printing, signing and scanning it back in,…

Visualizing MISO Survey Data

12 September 2019

Following my brief data science internship at Wells Fargo this winter, I had an opportunity to visualize data from the Measuring Information Service Outcomes (MISO) survey. The survey contains questions…

Joining DataSquad Team with Tableau

22 February 2019

This term I moved from working the front desk to working with Paula’s DataSquad. This work started very quickly with my first assignment being to learn Tableau and present this…

Visualizing International Student Data

8 November 2018

After joining Datasquad this term, I quickly received my first task, which was to create a visualization representing the international student body for OIIL (Office of International and Intercultural Life).…

First Couple of Weeks with DataSquad

29 October 2018

I was very happy last spring when I learned I was going to start working with Datasquad this year. I have some background in data science but I wanted a…