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What is data proliferation and how does it affect Carleton?

13 April 2023

A number of problems come with storing data in today’s age, including ethical, privacy, and security concerns. There is also an environmental impact to data storage on a large scale.

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Important Steps to Secure Personal Data Privacy

25 January 2023

An important step when you share personal information is knowing how your information will be used. The college’s privacy statement is designed to assist you in understanding how the College will collect, use, share and dispose of personal information.

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Maraki Ketema: career experience and advice for data science/software engineering beginners

14 May 2021

Maraki is currently a senior product manager at Tableau. Tableau is a data visualization software company under Salesforce®. After Carleton, she started as a software engineer at Tableau, and currently,…

Photo of Maraki Ketema, Carleton class of 2015

Data Preparation with Tableau : Transform Data Format with Data Interpreter

20 May 2020

This is the 1st of a series of blog posts on data preparation in Tableau. In this blog post, I will introduce the Data Interpreter, a useful tool that can…

Tableau Generated Excel

SQL vs. NoSQL Databases, What…?

4 May 2020

SQL (Structured Query Language) and NoSQL (Not only SQL) are two popular yet distinct types of databases. A database is an organized collection of information, like a library with orderly…

Why We Choose Trello to Manage DataSquad

29 October 2019

The DataSquad is a group of student employees (a subgroup of Academic Technology – which is a subgroup Information Technology Services) that provide data-related services here at Carleton College.  To…

Mock DataSquad Project Workflow Board

3 Cheers for The Maintainers

28 June 2019

During my annual professional reboot (presenting & attending IASSIST19) I came across a group called “The Maintainers.” They are championing a refreshingly accurate / realistic perspective on living and working…

The Maintainers: keeping technology working - at least some of the time

First Couple of Weeks with DataSquad

29 October 2018

I was very happy last spring when I learned I was going to start working with Datasquad this year. I have some background in data science but I wanted a…

Language Assessment Data Visualization

21 February 2018

The language department requested for an analysis and visualization of the data on fifty-nine 204-level students and would like to know how their starting course (101, 102, 103, or 204)…