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Updates needed for Apple devices

23 February 2023

Apple recently released updates to address a set of serious vulnerabilities affecting most Apple devices. It is important for everyone to update their Apple devices, including Macs, iPhones and iPads.

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Important Steps to Secure Personal Data Privacy

25 January 2023

An important step when you share personal information is knowing how your information will be used. The college’s privacy statement is designed to assist you in understanding how the College will collect, use, share and dispose of personal information.

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Carleton’s New Online Password System

1 December 2022

Have you ever forgotten your Carleton password or username? Good news! The process for resetting your login information is now quite easy!

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Another Phishing Simulation & Cybersecurity Town Hall Recording Available

8 November 2022

There will be another chance to test how well you can spot a phishing email message during the week of November 14-18. Look for a suspect message. Discuss with your colleagues. Work as a team. Report phishing using the “Report phishing” feature in Gmail.

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Recognize and Report Phishing

24 October 2022

When you identify a potential phishing email, please report it using the “Report phishing” feature in Gmail. When you report phishing in this way, you help train Google’s phishing detection algorithm.

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Update Your Software

17 October 2022

One of the easiest ways to keep your devices and data secure is to update your software and apps soon after updates become available. These updates fix general software problems and patch security vulnerabilities that hackers might exploit.

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Use Strong Passwords and a Password Manager

10 October 2022

Please use a unique, strong password for each application, website, or service for which you have an account. A password manager will help you keep track of all of these long, complex passwords.

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October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

7 October 2022

Every October, we join with many other colleges, businesses, and government organizations to highlight the important role every one of us plays in building a secure online world.

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Carleton moves to longer passwords for increased security

25 January 2022

The cybersecurity threat is constantly evolving. Ransomware is currently one of the biggest problems. In response, Carleton is strengthening its password policies.

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