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Oral Communication and Technology

12 December 2018

Teaching Oral Communications with Technology from Carleton Academic Technology on Vimeo.

Video placard

Quizzing as feedback for students

19 November 2018

It’s important for all of us to get feedback and the timeliness of feedback matters too. Remember how it felt when you submitted something to your doctoral thesis committee to…

Diagram of curricular priorities and assessment types

Tutee or Not Tutee: Who should be on camera in your Instructional Video?

6 July 2018

Effective instructional videos can vary in style.  This short video, inspired by an Arizona State University study, reveals preferences and effectiveness in two different styles: Should you teach to the…

Instructional Video Workshops Fill up Fast!

29 June 2018

I’m already excited to be a part of the team hosting this Instructional Video Workshop at Carleton in late July!  Attendees will not only take-way a concrete and replicable process…

Clicker Assessment Summary: 2016-2018

1 May 2018

SUMMARY Academic Technology has conducted short assessments of in-class clicker use across several 100 level courses in the sciences and social sciences in both the 2016-17 and 2017-18 academic years.…

I Just Know…

17 April 2017

A recent Science Post satirical article titled, “I just know” replaces systematic reviews at the top of the evidence pyramid, is a pretty funny read with a darker side. While…


Tracking Student Progress to Assist Metacognition & Self-Regulated Learning

6 March 2017

Many faculty are interested in both tracking student progress and also helping students learn to track their work themselves. Most learning management systems (LMS) have a feature that allows students and…

screenshot of Moodle interface to track student activity completion. shows rows of students and columns of activities

Assessment Analysis

4 November 2016

Effective Instruction begins by determining your desired learning outcomes and then designing effective and varied assessments. There are countless ways to assess students–methods that are both traditional and non-traditional. I…

Assessment & Evaluation

29 February 2016

Wow. We’ve known for some time that student course evaluations are dubious gauges for teaching effectiveness. And we’ve known that there is gender bias in evaluation responses. But WOW. This…