A New Campus Map is Coming to Carleton!

8 June 2022
By Julie Anderson
Carleton’s current campus map

Web Services is pleased to announce that a contract has been signed with Concept3D for Carleton’s new campus map. Over the past several months, the web team worked with a group of representatives from around the college to evaluate and select a vendor product for the map as it moves  to WordPress. The evaluation was based on requirements, usability, security, and cost. Some key requirements that made Concept3D the best choice for Carleton include:

  • Ease of use. Editing the new map will be much easier than it is today.
  • The ability to toggle on/off information, based on what the visitor is looking for.
  • Conformance to Carleton’s accessibility standards
  • Public Safety’s need to have items on the map that aren’t viewable by others, so they can keep the campus safe.
  • The ability to interact with the map on mobile devices.
  • Flexibility
  • Quick print capability for simple maps.
Concept3D will be Carleton’s new map vendor

Now that the contract has been signed, an implementation team will be assembled so the work can begin. Concept3D (C3D) is more feature-rich than the other maps the evaluation group  saw, and Carleton will  be in good company, since many of our peer schools also use C3D’s map product. The timeline is yet to be determined, but the goal will be to get it launched by fall, if at all possible. 

Thanks to the evaluation team and project sponsors!

Campus Map Project Sponsors:

  • Steve Spehn and Janet Scannell   

Campus Map Evaluation  Team: 

  • Julie Anderson – Project Manager
  • David Huyck – Technical Lead
  • Gloria Heinz – Facilities  
  • Barb Tousignant – Facilities   
  • Noel Ponder – Aux Services  
  • Alex Cardenas – Admissions
  • Holly Buttrey – Admissions
  • John Bermel – Public Safety  
  • Blake Held – Public Safety   
  • Peggy Pfister – Office of the Provost     
  • Chris Brunelle – External Relations
  • Michael Decker – Wayfinding

If you have questions, please contact Julie Anderson.

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