End of Academic Year Support and Summer Changes

24 May 2023

As our academic year and spring term are ending, please note these reminders and opportunities for end-of-term use of academic technologies, summer updates, and getting ready for the next academic year.

Books, pencil and monitor with mortarboard

Searching for Student Digital Humanities Interns and Associates

1 May 2023

In collaboration with the Digital Humanities Center and the Gould Library, we are looking for some students who are interested in Digital Scholarship, for both a DHA or Digital Scholarship…

Magnifying glass looking at words associated with research.

Using Python with the Google Analytics API

27 April 2023

Google Analytics is an application that helps you analyze web data. I adopted a Python script to download 100,000+ website records from Google API.

The Python logo and the Google Analytics logo together in the same image. Both logos are separate from each other.

What is data proliferation and how does it affect Carleton?

13 April 2023

A number of problems come with storing data in today’s age, including ethical, privacy, and security concerns. There is also an environmental impact to data storage on a large scale.

Illustration of a computer monitor with a file cabinet drawer coming out from the screen. The file cabinet drawer is full of files.

Updates needed for Apple devices

23 February 2023

Apple recently released updates to address a set of serious vulnerabilities affecting most Apple devices. It is important for everyone to update their Apple devices, including Macs, iPhones and iPads.

Apple logo. In the center of the logo is the word

Important Steps to Secure Personal Data Privacy

25 January 2023

An important step when you share personal information is knowing how your information will be used. The college’s privacy statement is designed to assist you in understanding how the College will collect, use, share and dispose of personal information.

Data Privacy Week logo with the words

Google Appointment Slots

19 January 2023

A professor or staff member who has open office hours but wants to meet with just one person at a time should find appointment slots to be a good scheduling option.

Google appointment slot choices.

Helpful Moodle Tips for Students

12 January 2023

Moodle continues to expand and change to make education easier for students and professors. Here are some new features that I found useful to know about.

Moodle logo with clouds and a ladder

Jimmy Zhong: how the DataSquad experience helped me during my internship

6 January 2023

Aya Klos ‘23 sat down with Biology/Computer Science double-major Jimmy Zhong ’23 to learn about his experience with the DataSquad and reflect on the skills he could apply during his internship and beyond.

Picture of Jimmy Zhong '23