DataSquad Student Positions Open

12 April 2024

DataSquad is a group of student workers in ITS that works on various different data-related projects. These include data gathering, cleaning, management, and visualization projects.

Carleton DataSquad logo.

Searching for Student Digital Humanities Interns and Associates

29 March 2024

In collaboration with the Digital Humanities Center and the Gould Library, we are looking for students interested in Digital Scholarship, for both a DHA or Digital Scholarship Intern position. Both…

Join our team - digital humanities associates and digital scholarship interns

(Re)introducing Ally

21 March 2024

The tool Ally helps improve the accessibility of Moodle content and course documents, equipping our students with a variety of ways to engage with course content. Carleton piloted Ally during…

Logo for Anthology Ally.

Teaching with CARE: Supporting equity and inclusion with academic technology

14 March 2024

An inclusive and equitable learning environment is one in which all students feel welcome, valued, and respected. It is also an environment in which improved learning outcomes, increased engagement and…

CARE Wheel

Podcasting with Audacity

29 February 2024

Podcast structures vary dramatically.  So do the tools that help you record, edit, and deliver your podcasts.  Audacity is a free and very capable recording and editing tool. Below, you’ll…

Audiacity Interface with multiple tracks.

Recognizing a Phishing URL

7 February 2024

Many types of cyber attacks rely on sending a link in a way that encourages people to trust it and click on it. In order to identify a malicious URL…

A breakdown of a URL into its different parts.

The Golden Age of Weirdness: Learning to Teach with Generative AI

7 February 2024

In a recent Virtual UnSymposium titled Learning to Teach Creative Technologies with Generative AI, hosted by the Integrated Design and Media (IDM) program at NYU Tandon, various instructors and staff…

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AI “Filmmaking” . . . with Dann?

7 February 2024

“Filmmaking” using various AI tools is becoming far better and much easier. A company called Curious Refuge is now billing itself as The World’s First Home for AI Storytellers, and…

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Welcome to Paul Bernhardt, the new Classroom Support Manager

1 February 2024

For many of us, Paul is a familiar face on campus. He started at Carleton in 2011, working for both Cinema and Media Studies (CAMS) and the Office of the…

Paul Bernhardt, Classroom Support Manager