The following values, in concert with Carleton’s values and mission, provide us with guidelines to work together effectively to meet the technology needs of the Carleton community.

In our daily efforts, we will apply these values to all we do: 


We value…

  • broad participation in making significant technology decisions.
  • clear and consistent communication.
  • encouraging each other, helping each other, and celebrating team and individual accomplishments.
  • collegial relationships.
  • working as a team within our department and throughout the Carleton community. 


We value…

  • guiding and supporting the use of technology for learning, teaching, research, and administration.
  • providing reliable access to technologies and information.
  • advising the College in the selection of appropriate new technologies.
  • providing accessibility and assistive technologies.
  • enabling the Carleton community to be fluent with technology. 


We value…

  • innovation, creative solutions, different perspectives and new opportunities.
  • ongoing organizational development.
  • professional expertise,professional development, and opportunity for professional and personal growth.
  • excellence and quality in the work we do.
  • being good stewards of Carleton’s resources when selecting and implementing technologies.
  • respecting the balance of work and personal lives. 


We value…

  • the trust of the Carleton community.
  • transparent decision making.
  • appropriate confidentiality and personal privacy.
  • our responsibility to participate in stewardship of the College’s data.
  • making and keeping commitments.
  • acting in the best interests of the Carleton community. 


We value…

  • being empathetic, considerate, appreciative, and supportive.
  • being approachable, available, and responsive.
  • diversity of skills.
  • experiences, opinions, and views of all individuals.