idealab teaching station

The IdeaLab is a dynamic computer lab and instruction space. Inspired by curricular initiatives and input from faculty and academic support professionals across campus, the IdeaLab was renovated in Summer 2016. The update:

  • Increased the number of computers from 15 to 20 new 27” iMacs (5, including the Instructor Computer, have significantly greater processing power)
  • Updated to dual projection and moved the instructor station to the same wall as the dual screens. 1 screen will be dedicated to the instructor station and the other has the option to display up to 4 other workstations
  • Carpeted the room and installed glass doors to enclose the space between the IdeaLab and WCC 027
  • Combined a large monitor with new tables to create a group work area
  • Added speakers
  • Added two nestable tables to provide a large flat surface when desired

PEPS and Academic Technology work together to support and bring you the IdeaLab!  You can drop-in to use the lab any time it is available, and you’re also welcome to reserve the lab for your class or event using this reservation form.