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The Academic Technology (AT) team is an integral part of the Information Technology Services (ITS) and, by extension, of Carleton College in its mission to support the people of Carleton — students, faculty, and staff; the places where teaching, learning, and research happen; and the possibilities in teaching, learning, and research, centered in equity and sustainability. Academic Technologists can work with you in a variety of ways and on a variety of projects, including:

  • Virtual and physical learning spaces: we consult, advise and instruct on instructional and classroom/lab technologies.
  • Innovative uses of existing and emerging instructional and research technologies: we collaborate on design and creation of digital content that aligns with curricular goals.
  • Different literacies with a focus on technology: we help students use and learn about different resources and technologies to deepen different literacies, in collaboration with other colleagues at Carleton.