CTO Group

Janet Scannell (Chief Technology Officer)
Kendall George (Information Security Officer)
Julie Anderson (Senior Project Manager) (T) (.7 FTE)
Jeanne Blair (Office Manager and Technology Purchasing Coordinator)

Technology Support Group (TSG)

Adit Burkule (Director)   


Kevin Chapman (Technology Support Specialist)
Travis Freudenberg (Technology Support Specialist)  
Iris Jastram (Technology Support Specialist)
Locke Perkins (Asset Manager/Support)
Nolan Zippel (Help Desk Specialist)
Magdalena Worman (Assistant Hardware Asset Manager)

Desktop Hardware & Software:

Rebecca Barkmeier (Desktop Systems Administrator)

PEPS Team:

Matt Burr (Event Support Specialist)
Bryan Reed (Presentation Technology Specialist) 

Enterprise Information Services (EIS)

Julie Creamer  (Director)

Russ Bauer (Enterprise Application Administrator)
Mavis Gustafson (Enterprise Software Business Analyst)
Erica Johnson (Workday Testing Lead)(T)
Mohan Krishana (Enterprise Integrator-Developer)
Isaiah Ramos (Application Support Programmer)
Sara Oster (Database Administrator, Project Manager)
Ben Patterson (Enterprise Applications Support Specialist)
Matt Wallace (Enterprise Analyst/Developer)
Neal Weeg (Applications Support Programmer)

Academic Technology (AT)

Wiebke Kuhn (Director)  

Teaching & Learning:

Carly Born (Academic Technologist for Digital Learning Experiences)
Doug Foxgrover (Academic Technologist for Presentation and Visual Design)
Randy Hoffner (Science Support Specialist)
Paula Lackie (Academic Technologist)
Em Palencia (Academic Technologist (Moodle and Reclaim))
Don Vosburg (Academic Technologist for Learning Innovations and UDL)

PEPS Team:

Dann Hurlbert (Media and Design Specialist)
On-contract Event Support
Paul Bernhardt (Classroom Support Manager)

Systems and Infrastructure Group (SIG)

Dan Stephans (Director)

System Administrators:

Robert Alaimo (Lead Systems Engineer)
Zach Krodel (Systems Administrator)
Matt Samudio (Senior Architect)

Networking and Telecom:

Chris Dlugosz (Network Architect) 
Tanaka Khnondowe (Network Administrator)  

Applications, Identity and Systems Integration:

Troy Barkmeier (Desktop Systems Administrator)
Les LaCroix (Strategic Technologist)

Web Development

Julie Anderson (Director)

Matt Buresh (Web Application Developer)
David Huyck (Senior Web Application Developer)
Kyle Veldhuizen (Web Application/DevOps Developer)