The HEDS Sexual Assault/Campus Climate Survey asks students about their perceptions of their campus’s climate for unwanted sexual contact and sexual assault, their perceptions of how their institution responds to sexual assaults, and whether and how often they have experienced unwanted sexual contact or sexual assault. The survey has been offered to Carleton students in 2015 and 2018.

More information about the survey and a sample survey instrument may be found on the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS) web site.

2018 Survey Results:

In the spring of 2018, Carleton College participated in a Sexual Assault Campus Climate Survey hosted by the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS). All on-campus Carleton students were surveyed, with 350 participants responding (18%). The national survey included 29 small colleges and produced 13,632 responses, with an overall response rate of 22%. HEDS provided Carleton with its own data (stripped of all personal identifiers), the comparison report with selected results for Carleton, and a frequency report with aggregate responses from Carleton and 74 small institutions that administered the survey in 2016, 2017, and 2018. This comparison group appears as “Sm Comp Schools” in many of the charts in this report.

The survey opened with a series of questions for all students about campus climate, campus safety, and perceptions about institutional responsiveness to sexual assault. It then branched so that only those students (38 of 350) who had been sexually assaulted on campus or on a campus-sponsored off-campus activity since entering college were asked to continue with a series of follow-up questions about the assault(s).

Respondents also provided comments about sexual assault and campus climate that add perspective to the quantitative responses. The unique nature of comments is such that even redacted comments will only be shared with certain campus officials. 

2015 Survey Results:

The following is an executive summary of the major findings from the HEDS Sexual Assault/Campus Climate Survey, administered to all students in the spring of 2015. 

HEDS Consortium Sexual Assault Survey 2015 Executive Summary 

The January 7, 2016 Learning and Teaching Center session focused on the results of this survey: 

2015 Climate Survey Results and Next Steps at Carleton (requires Carleton login)

Learning and Teaching Center presentation, 1-7-2016

  • Julie Thornton, Title IX Coordinator – Associate Dean of Students
  • Mary Dunnewold, Deputy Title IX Coordinator / Faculty-Staff
  • Laura Haave, Deputy Title IX Coordinator / Sexual Violence Prevention, Director of the Gender and Sexuality Center
  • Jim Fergerson, Director of Institutional Research and Assessment 

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